Wolfgang Roehr

A pioneer in the international pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Wolfgang brings more than 30 years of experience in business development, sourcing and manufacturing. As founder and CEO of Roehr Pharma™, Wolfgang oversees all aspects of the company to assure that Roehr Pharma achieves its mission. Wolfgang works day and night with contract manufacturers and government regulators to assure the highest Quality Control standards. His business accomplishments, experience and scientific expertise have made Wolfgang an international authority in the natural products industry.

His career began in Hamburg, Germany with the international trade of pharmaceutical raw materials. He later moved to Hong Kong to build up and oversee the Asian activities of an American trading company. Eventually, he started his first company, International Merona, in Hong Kong with world-wide distribution of pharmaceuticals and natural raw materials. .

When the Philippine government passed the “Generics Act” in 1988, to promote the use of generic medicines, he founded Biogenerics™. Biogenerics was the first fully cGMP certified generic medicine factory in East Asia. The company’s mission was to make high quality medicines at affordable prices. Biogenerics became the largest exporter of generic medicines from the Philippines to worldwide markets.

Soon after Biogenerics moved its entire company to Germany and worked closely with aid organizations including “German Doctors for Developing Countries”. At this time, Wolfgang recognized the unprecedented rise in lifestyle related chronic and degenerative diseases, due largely to poor dietary intake and an altered food supply. Also Biogenerics became increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional Western medicine, with its emphasis on treating acute symptoms rather than on healing and prevention. Under the leadership of Wolfgang, Biogenerics entered the emerging field of natural products, developing and introducing the patented technologies of BioG MicroTabs.  The goal was now to develop these innovative and personalized nutritional products to promote healing, wellness and optimal health, serving as a complement to conventional healthcare modalities.

From 1995 until present day, Wolfgang has overseen the development of more than 60 products for use by clients with chronic and degenerative diseases. In house research and development uses the latest technologies and scientific findings while working in collaboration with prestigious universities. With Wolfgang’s pharmaceutical manufacturing background, Roehr’s innovative nutraceutical and functional food products are based on cutting edge German technologies, once reserved only for the pharmaceutical field.

Wolfgang is also a people person. He thoroughly enjoys interacting with his clients and is open to their suggestions. Wolfgang’s greatest satisfaction is derived from learning about the successes his clients report to him as a result of the loyal use of Roehr’s natural products.

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