Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes ROEHR’s nutritional supplement program different than other companies?

A: ROEHR™ provides you the next generation of nutrient supplementation—a system so advanced, a product so easily customizable, that it will become the supplement regimen of choice from your health professional.  With the patented BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology you can now take the highest quality supplements in a more convenient and useable form than any other system on the market.  Your health professional may also create unique personalized supplement blend, combining several dietary supplements into one single, daily dose.

Q: What exactly are BioG MicroTabs?

A: They aren’t pellets or granules.  They are real coated micro-tablets produced with special customized micro-tableting tools.  All of our vitamin, herbal, and amino acid ingredients come in the same 7mg weight and 2mm x 2mm MicroTab size.  Following German cGMP quality standards for drugs, our pharmaceutical grade ingredients are compressed into these BioG MicroTabs.  This novel delivery system has several advantages:

  • Every ingredient comes in the same MicroTab size—resulting in homogeneous mixtures and consistent dosing
  • Strong enough to hold together during compounding
  • Blending takes only minutes for the compounding pharmacist
  • Small size results in efficient absorption*

Q: Why are BioG MicroTabs advantageous in creating customizable formulations over other supplemental forms such as soft gels, large tablets and powders?

A: Our scientific team considered a few delivery options for creating a customizable formulation before developing the patented BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology.  Encapsulation products were highly impractical and time-consuming for compounding pharmacists to use for personalized blends.  Powders were messy, clumped or caked, and required sweeteners and flavoring agents.  Besides, patients didn’t like them.

With our BioG MicroTabs, patient response is highly positive.  They find the BioG MicroTabs convenient and easy to swallow.  So, compliance is likely to be much higher.  In addition, the BioG MicroTabs were the perfect particle size for compounding pharmacists to create homogenous blends. Regarding both patient preference and a need for precise and easy customization, BioG MicroTabs are clearly the delivery method of choice.*

Q: How do I work with my health professional to make this program most effective?

A: With our Patented ROEHR BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology, available at your Health Professional’s practice or Compounding Pharmacy, you now have access to the only completely customizable supplement system available on the market today.  The ingredients in a ROEHR™ Supplement Blend can be personalized based on your health history, specific health challenges, and blood work.  It works like this…

1)     Discuss your current health challenges or goals with your Health Professional, Physician, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, Dietician… and share a list of the supplements you are currently taking.

2)     Your Health Professional shows you how your current supplement list can be combined into one product.  For example, let us say you take a multi-vitamin, additional vitamin C, vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10 and a probiotic each day, you can now have all those products combined into one single BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Blend.  First, your Health Professional may start you on a ROEHR Standard Blend or a Physician Blend especially formulated by your Health Professional.  Then your Health Professional can formulate a Personalized Blend customized just for you, to meet your particular needs and goals. And you will find this new blend surprisingly affordable and convenient.

3)     Your Health Professional will review ordering and shipping options. .

4)     Once you receive your ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs blend, be sure to take the recommended serving size as directed by your Health Professional or the label.

5)      Follow-up with your Health Professional.   Based on your progress, lab results and goals, your Health Professional may adjust the serving size. He/she now has the ability to adjust your blend, by adding or removing individual ingredients.

Q: What advantages do my BioG MicroTabs blend have over my existing supplemental regimen?

A: With all the choices of dietary supplements available today, how do you choose the right supplement for you?  It’s challenging to discern which supplement brands are reliable and effective. It is far too easy to mistakenly purchase a low-quality product.  Poorly manufactured products, low absorption and inadequate formulations can present health challenges, rather than solve them.  Working with your Health Professional and the patented ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology, you will receive the most effective supplementation system on the market today.  You can be certain that:

  • The ingredients are the best quality and most bioavailable form (your body will absorb and use them)
  • Easy to swallow
  • Several ingredients in a SINGLE convenient serving (may replace many of your tablets, softgels, powders)
  • Your supplement blend should not interfere with your medications since under the supervision of your own health professional.
  • You should experience real, measurable health-changing benefits

Q: How do I know if this nutritional supplement program is effective?

A: As with any program, follow up with your health professional is important. Your health professional will use a combination of your medical history, physical findings and/or lab work to monitor your progress.  For example, before starting you on vitamin D supplementation, it is advisable for your health professional to obtain a baseline serum 25 hydroxy-vitamin D level.  If the level is low, then your health professional may start you on the BioG MicroTabs Vitamin D or add this ingredient to your existing ROEHR blend.

Q: Are BioG MicroTabs gluten free and lactose free?

A: YES. All of our ingredients in the BioG MicroTabs are gluten free and lactose free as well as free from preservatives.

Q: What Quality Control (QC) standards are used for the production of ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs?

A: Our QC standards exceed most companies. All of our nutraceuticals are Made in Germany at a pharmaceutical cGMP certified facility. Pharmaceutical cGMP represents higher standards than food-grade GMP (as is the case for US made nutraceuticals).  Also, our pharmaceutical grade, independent lab-verified raw materials represent the highest bioavailability and efficacy (i.e. – calcium citrate and water soluble CoQ10).*

Q: How do we define the term nutraceutical?

A: We define nutraceuticals as nutrients, phytochemicals and herb supplementation of the highest quality, bioavailability and efficacy (with a scientific basis of action) that exert beneficial biologic effects in humans.

Q: Why do we need or benefit from nutraceutical supplementation?

A: High-quality nutraceutical supplements can help fill in the gaps for nutrient depletion and provide the vital nutrients missing from foods, especially processed foods.  High quality and appropriate nutraceutical supplements will provide adequate amounts and a diversity of phytonutrients, fiber and healthy fats that are impractical to obtain daily from your diet alone.  With advances in nutrition research,  nutraceutical supplementation along with lifestyle changes can be used to effect biologic change in cells, tissues and organ systems to promote optimal health, healing and wellness.*

The micro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals are often missing or inadequate even in the so- called balanced diet.  Agricultural methods (over the past several decades) have profoundly changed the nutrient content of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Frequent crop rotations in order to maximize productivity deplete key minerals from soil, resulting in reduced mineral content in our fruits and vegetables.  For example, copper and selenium availability were higher at the beginning of the 20th century as compared to the end of the century.  In fact, fortification programs became necessary for certain B vitamins (such as folate) and were instituted in 1998 as set by federal standards.  Even then, vitamin B12 and potassium were considerably higher in the early 20th century than today.  And excessive sodium amounts are now ubiquitous in the food supply as a result of an increase in processed foods.***

Eating the common American diet (either from supermarkets, fast food chains or restaurants) today fills your stomach with processed grains (stripped of bran and fiber), fatty foods (loaded with saturated and trans-fats) and overly sweetened foods and beverages with few nutrients.

***Gerrior S, Bente L, & Hiza H. (2004). Nutrient Content of the US Food Supply, 1909-2000. (Home Economics Research Report No.56). USDA, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.