Why ROEHR™ BioG Microtabs?


You know that good health is preventive health.

Dietary supplements can go far to help you achieve your goals. But only when your supplements are truly meeting your unique nutritional and supplemental needs. Supplements from a store or catalog, a one-size fits all approach, fall far short in that regard.

With our Patented ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology, available at your Health Professional’s practice or Compounding Pharmacy, you now have access to the only completely customizable supplement system available on the market today. The ingredients in a ROEHR™ Supplement Blend can be personalized based on your health history, specific health challenges, and blood work. It works like this…

  1. Discuss your current health challenges or goals with your Health Professional, Physician, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, Dietician…to name a few, and share a list of the supplements you are currently taking.
  2. Your Health Professional shows you how your current supplement list can be combined into one product. For example, let’s say you take a multi-vitamin, additional vitamin C, vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10 and a probiotic each day. You can now have all those products combined into one single BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Blend. First, your Health Professional may start you on a ROEHR™ Standard Blend or a Proprietary Blend especially formulated by your Health Professional. Then your Health Professional can formulate a Personalized Blend, customized just for you, to meet your particular needs and goals. And you will find this new blend surprisingly affordable and convenient.
  3. Your Health Professional will review ordering and shipping options.
  4. Once you receive your ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs blend, be sure to take the recommended
    serving size as directed by your Health Professional or the label.
  5. Follow up with your Health Professional. Based on your progress, lab results and goals, your Health Professional may adjust the serving size. He/she now has the ability to adjust your blend, by adding or removing individual ingredients.
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