What are ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs?

At ROEHR Pharmaceuticals™, when we first began developing a personalized supplement system, we tried powders. They were easy to create, but were messy, required added sweeteners and flavors, and patients did not enjoy taking them! With BioG MicroTabs, we found that patients enjoyed taking them; they were very convenient and easy to swallow.

Our German pharmaceutical-quality ingredients are compressed into BioG MicroTablets using special customized micro-tableting tools. All of our vitamin, herbal, and amino acid ingredients come in the same 7mg weight and 2mm x 2mm MicroTablet size.

That results in a mixture that is always homogenously blended and provides consistent servings. The tiny size of the MicroTabs also means they absorb more efficiently and get to the parts of your body where they’re needed most.

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