Why is Unique so Important?

“One-Size Fits All” Supplements? Your Body is Too Unique for That!

With all the choices of dietary supplements available today, how do you choose the right supplement for you? It’s challenging to discern which supplement brands are reliable and effective. It is far too easy to mistakenly purchase a low-quality product.

Poorly manufactured products, low absorption and inadequate formulations can present
health challenges, rather than solve them. Working with your Health Professional and the patented ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs Ingredients Technology, you will receive the most effective supplementation system on the market today.

You can be certain that:

  •  The ingredients are the best quality and most bioavailable form (your body will absorb and use them)
  •  The ingredient serving sizes are at optimal levels for your health goals
  •  Your supplement blend will not interfere with any of your medications
  •  You will experience real measurable health-changing effects

Thankfully, your Health Professional wants to help you navigate the supplement maze and track measurable health goals with the most effective, affordable and personalized supplementation on the market.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of supplementing!

With ROEHR™ BioG MicroTabs, rest assured that you are consuming supplements that are the highest quality, third-party lab-verified and manufactured to German pharmaceutical standards (cGMP). And your customized supplement blend is tailored to your nutritional needs and health goals.

Take ALL your needed vitamins, herbals, and other health-promoting nutrients in one easy, daily BioG MicroTabs serving:

  •  Easy to swallow
  •  Several ingredients in a SINGLE convenient serving
  •  Ingredients with high efficacy and pharmaceutical quality
  •  Ingredient formula that can be easily adjusted by your Health Professional based on your progress, goals or blood-work.
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