Julian Blumenfeld, MD

With over 20 years of experience in medical practice, academics, industry and consulting, Dr Blumenfeld brings impressive and diverse expertise as ROEHR’S ™Pharmaceuticals first Chief Medical Science Liaison. Having a lifelong passion for nutrition and wellness, he serves as the science liaison between the corporate team and health professional clients. He develops and facilitates ROEHR’S educational and training programs, reviews and updates marketing materials. Dr Blumenfeld serves a key spokesperson for academic and industry conferences and works on numerous company initiatives with the CEO and COO.

Dr Blumenfeld is hardly new to the natural products field. For six years, he served as Chief Medical Officer for a major product brokerage company and their health professional division. In this capacity, he oversaw clinical research, participated in strategic planning, and worked closely with marketing and sales teams.

Dr Blumenfeld has considerable public speaking experience, speaking at corporate conventions with over 20,000 attendees. He has the talent and enthusiasm for translating complex scientific data and technical information in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner for both fellow health professionals and the lay public. As founder of a health professional educational institute, Dr. Blumenfeld developed and moderated nutrition symposia to health professionals throughout the US. He has lectured extensively on bioflavonoids, the role of nutrients in modulating gene expression and the applications of nutrigenetics for clinical practice.  By working closely with accreditation sponsors, recruiting talented faculty and designing cutting edge nutritional content, his courses offered AMA Category I CME credits to physicians and CE credits to other health professionals.

Dr Blumenfeld’s research interests include the role of bioflavonoids in health and disease states.  Recently, he has coauthored several papers on the efficacy of bioflavonoids in humans. He served on the scientific advisory board for a novel joint NIH and National Library of Medicine study to develop a national consumer and research database on nutritional supplements. Also, he serves as an advisor for the non- profit research institute on healing, the Samueli Institute in Alexandria, VA.

As a clinician, he served as Chair of the Allergy/Immunology Department of a multi-specialty private clinic with 130 physicians in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As VP of the clinic’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), he oversaw the ethics and study design of all proposed clinical research. With a passion for teaching, he established a mentoring program for family physicians which became a required rotation at the Family Practice Residency Program, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC.

After receiving his Doctor of Medicine at New York Medical College, he completed a residency in pediatrics and was selected to pursue a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship in allergy and clinical immunology at the University Of Southern California School Of Medicine.  As a fellow, he conducted original research investigating the role of food allergy in asthma. Soon after, he served on the faculty of New York Medical College in the Departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Working with a multi-disciplinary team, he diagnosed, treated and managed children with HIV and other immune deficiencies. He taught hundreds of medical students and resident physicians and evaluated candidates for medical school admissions and residency training.

As a founder and president of a consulting group, he advised industry on marketing strategies and created courses for sales reps. Just weeks after September 11, 2001, Dr. Blumenfeld designed and implemented the first-of-its kind program to promote health and homeland security for the corporate work force. And as a concerned citizen, he served on the Charlotte Homeland Security Working Group and the All Hazards Advisory Committee for the Charlotte region.

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